NY Car Lockout Service

It has happened to everyone; you got out of your car at your home, office, or just around town and realize that you have just locked your keys in the car. New York City Car Lockouts are common just as they are everywhere; it is an easy thing to do. Sometimes car lockouts are easy fixes, but usually that is not the case. If you are locked out of your car in NYC, just give us a call and we will send a Locksmith Technicians fast to your location. If it is an emergency situation, such as an infant locked in the car, please call 911 for life threatening situations.

If you care about your car please avoid using a slim jim or coat hanger on your vehicle because it is easy to damage your vehicle with these tools. New York Locksmiths can easily get access to your vehicle in a way that will not damage your car in any way.

Please Note:

Some Car insurance policies will reimburse you for car lockout services. You should check with your insurance agent or company to see if this is the case for you to save some money on the service. Try and always have spare keys ready in order to avoid this situation again, our mobile New York Locksmiths can make sure that you have extra keys for your home, wallet or purse. We are strictly a mobile service, so all of our work is performed in the field and we do not have a physical location.