NY Key Extraction

Key Extraction Service in New York, NY

Over time keys become fragile and frail and when you put them into a lock and turn it is easy to break off the key inside the lock mechanism. This is a bad situation that has to be dealt with in order for the lock to have its desired effect. A broken key inside the ignition of your car in NY can be very unpleasant and untimely, but it is not recommended to take matters into your own hands and try and remove the piece of key yourself, as it is a job for a professional and you will most likely damage the lock, causing more damage and costing you more money. If this situation has happened to you in New York, then you can call us immediately at 24-7 NY Locksmith and we will come right away to help you with your problem. Key extractions are sometimes tricky and are not possible 100% of the time without causing some damage to your lock assembly, so sometimes a broken key can call for a new cylinder or ignition.