NY Mailbox Lock Repair

Mailbox lock repair in New York City, NY

Having a secure mailbox is very important part of protecting your identity and important mail from scammers and identity thieves. Securing your mail has become even more important as the number of identity theft victims grows each and every year. Whenever you move to a new home or apartment it is a good idea to secure your mail by rekeying your mailbox in NY, and it is common for the previous tenant to either keep the key or forget to provide you with the key. Locksmiths are not allowed to change locks on USPS owned mailboxes, which are usually built by a homeowners association for a condo or apartment complex. If you need a key or lock replacement for a USPS owned box, then you will have to call the post office and they can deal with the problem. If you are having problems with your mailbox, whether you need a key or a new lock please give us a call today to deal with your problem in all 5 Burroughs of the city.