NY Padlock Picking

Pick Padlocks in New York City, NY

A padlock is one of the most common locks in the world to secure your warehouse, shed, storage area, gates, trucks, or any other place that you want to keep safe and private. Padlock keys or combos can be easy to lose because they are not used daily in most cases, and can be easy to forget about. If you need a new padlock key in NY then you have a few different ways that you can handle the situation, you can have the padlock picked by a professional locksmith or you can cut or drill the lock off of the assembly that you are trying to get into. Be careful if you try and cut your own padlock off of a door or other attachment because you can horribly damage your stuff which will increase the money that you have to spend to get things back to normal. NY Locksmiths have dealt with all types of padlocks and have all the right tools to pick them safely and quickly. Call us today for a free quote and estimate right over the phone, or email us today for a estimate straight to your inbox.

We have experience with all padlocks:

  • Combination padlocks
  • U-locks
  • Regular Padlocks
  • High Security Padlocks