NY Transponder Keys

Transponder Keys- Auto Locksmith in NY

Almost all cars on the market today have a different kind of transponder key, and the only difference between a regular car key and a small computer chip is implanted into the key with copper wiring in the head. The transponder keys use RFID Radio signals to tell the computer inside the car to start, if the signals are the same type. Having a car with a transponder key offers a lot of security but does come with some drawbacks, if your key gets damaged in some way then it will be impossible to start your car and you will have to purchase a new key which can be expensive due to the fact that they require special tools and skills by the locksmith. NY locksmith 24/7 provides professional transponder key cutting, VAT Keys, and all types of electronic keys for almost every make and model of car. Call us or contact us through email for a free consultation with a locksmith about a new ignition, remote, or transponder key today.